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Podcast Episode 36: Bonnie Whitmore

A few weeks ago, I got to take in a CBG Band show at Natalie’s in Columbus. Before the show I  had the pleasure of sitting down with each of the three songwriters from the group to record separate podcasts. This is the second of those three with the very talented, Bonnie Whitmore. Bonnie I discuss flying planes, her family band, and she corrects me on who sang with Hayes Carll on “Another Like You” among many other things and she played a couple great songs including an unreleased track to open the show.

As always, tell your friends, share the link, leave a comment or a review and if you feel so kind drop a few bucks in the tip jar to help support the show. Look next week for the final installment of the CBG Band podcasts with The Broken Jukebox favorite, Graham Weber.

Learn more about Bonnie on her site, www.bonniewhitmore.com

And with that, enjoy:

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