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Podcast Episode 10 : Rod Picott

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to see Rod Picott open for Mary Gauthier as part of the Six String Concert Series in Columbus, Ohio. As many of you know Rod is one of our favorite songwriters here at Broken Jukebox. This was the first time I have seen him live.

The all too short 30 minute set started with Rod welcoming us to the Rod Picott Heartbreak and Misery Circus. He told the audience if they woke up and wanted to hear songs about unemployment and welding, then he was their guy.

The set was filled with humorous banter that nestled nicely with the heavy themes of the songs he played. He opened with the title track of 2011’s Welding Burns followed by “Rust Belt Fields” from the same record.

In the middle of the set, he broke out his one happy wedding song, “Angels and Acrobats”, explaining that if he were to write more love songs his wedding gigs would become more work.

He ended the set with two more songs from Welding Burns, “Your Father’s Tatto” and “410”.

The show was over way too soon, and left me wanting to see him play a full show for sure. I’m hoping that this will lead to more trips to Columbus for Mr. Picott.

After the show he was kind enough to sit down back stage with me to record a podcast. The audio levels were a little tricky on this one, so I apologize for any loud spots. During the podcast Rod discusses his introduction to songwriting in Nashville, his upcoming album and working with R.S. Fields.

Enjoy and as always spread the word, leave a comment on iTunes, or donate a few dollars on the right side of the page to help with bandwith. Learn more about Rod here: www.RodPicott.com

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