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Podcast Episode 31: Aaron Lee Tasjan

A couple weeks ago, I got the chance to head up to the Rumba Cafe in Columbus to see Drivin N’ Cryin. Columbus native, Aaaron Lee Tasjan is currently playing lead guitar in the band as well as continuing his excellent solo career. Aaron was kind enough to sit down and have a chat with me prior to the show and play a few tunes as well. We talked about his latest ep Crooked River Burning, meeting and playing with Kevn Kinney, and many other things. I apologize for the background noise throughout the show as the opening band was sound checking and we were outside so there were a few airplanes flying overhead at times.

I hope you enjoy this show as much as I did, Aaron is a really interesting guy and a great songwriter, you can learn more about him at: www.AaronLeeTasjan.com and I would highly recommend the new EP.

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