Podcast Episode 8 : Jon Dee Graham

jon dee

Last night I went to Columbus, Ohio to see Jon Dee Graham and Mike June play at the Woodlands Tavern. The crowd was somewhat light, but the folks who turned out were treated to a great show. Jon Dee played … read more

Podcast Episode 7 : Kevin Gordon

kevin gordon

This past Friday night I had the great fortune of seeing Kevin Gordon live for the first time. He played in Columbus, Ohio at the Red Door Tavern. I have to say he was simply awesome. It was like a … read more

Podcast Episode 6 : Tommy Womack


This past Friday I had a chance to head out with my wife to see Tommy Womack at the Red Door Tavern in Columbus, Ohio. Tommy put on a great two set show to a completely rapt crowd. During the … read more

Podcast, Episode 5 : Graham Weber


After what seems like forever, this podcast with our friend, Graham Weber is finally being released. Real life and extreme amounts of technical difficulties have been throwing wrenches at us from all angles but we have come out on the … read more

Podcast, Episode 4 : Ricky Stein

After a small, unavoidable delay, here is the podcast we recorded late last month when Austin Texas’ Ricky Stein dropped by the studio. This one was a blast to record. Ricky talks about his new EP release, compares life on … read more

Podcast, Episode 3 : Will Kimbrough


As I have been promising for a couple weeks now here is the newest installment of the Broken Jukebox Podcast series. The Alien was kind enough to sit down with us for an hour or so after a show in … read more

Podcast, Episode 2: Peter Cooper and Eric Brace

cooper brace

As promised, here is the second installment of the Broken Jukebox podcast with guests, Peter Cooper and Eric Brace. Had a ball with this one and the guys play five songs along the way. Check us out on iTunes and … read more

Podcast, Episode 1: Greg Klyma


Finally finished and posted, episode 1 of the Broken Jukebox Podcast with guest, Greg Klyma. Greg stopped by about two weeks ago to discuss his past recordings and upcoming album, Piano Mando Nation as well as many other topics. In … read more