Broken Jukebox is a music lover’s blog, started by Adam Dawson. On this page we will be reviewing albums, concerts, bootlegs, and the occasional music dvd. In addition to the reviews, we will be putting up some artist profiles on some folks you may or may not know.

We are from Ohio so occasionally the posts may be a little Ohiocentric but, for the most part we will talking about tunes from around the world. While our main musical interests lie in Americana, Folk, Blues, Country, Rock etc., no genre is safe here.

For obvious reasons most of the reviews and articles will be written on things that we enjoy because frankly if we don’t like it, it probably isn’t worth the time to write about.

In conjunction with the site we also release a somewhat regularĀ  podcast series that features interviews with musicians, agents, club owners, and many other folks in and around the music business. These podcasts will consist of interviews with in-studio performances by the artist.

Hopefully you will enjoy what you read and hear on this site and we always welcome your comments and need your support.