The birthday list

Receiving October 6th birthday wishes

Daniel Cavanagh (vocals & guitar, Anathema), David Hidalgo (vocals & guitar, Los Lobos), Gavin Sutherland (vocals & bass, the Sutherland Brothers), Glenn Branca, Jamie Laurie (vocals, Flobots), Kathleen Webb, Kevin Cronin (vocals & guitar, REO Speedwagon), Matthew Sweet, Meg Myers, Millie Small, Patrick Keeler (drums, the Greenhornes / the Raconteurs), Richard Jobson (vocals, the Skids), Robin Shaw (bass, the Flowerpot Men), Thomas McClary (guitar, the Commodores), Tommy Stinson (bass, the Replacements), William Butler (multi-instrumentalist, Arcade Fire)…The late Bobby Farrell, Cees Veerman (vocals & guitar, the Cats), Ivan Graziani, Pete Shutler (accordion, the Yetties), Sammy Price, and Tim Mooney (drums, American Music Club) also called this day their birthday…☮~Mark ♫♬’

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