The birthday list

Celebrating a September 28th birthday

A. J. Croce, C. J. Chenier, Emmett Chapman, Éric Lapointe, George Lynch, Jim Diamond, Joseph Arthur, Laurie Lewis, Mark Spencer (multi-instrumentalist, Blood Oranges / Son Volt), Moon Zappa, Nick St Nicholas (bass, Steppenwolf), Paul Burgess (drums, 10cc), Pearls Mahone, Peter Hooton (vocals, the Farm), Peter Hope Evans (juice harp & harmonica, Medicine Head), Ronnie Reno, St. Vincent…The late Ben E. King, Ed Sullivan, Edward ‘Little Buster’ Forehand, Elbridge Bryant (vocals, the Temptations), Houston Stackhouse (guitar, Robert Nighthawk), Joe Falcon, Koko Taylor, Michelle Meldrum, Norton Buffalo (harmonica, Bonnie Raitt / Steve Miller Band), Tommy Collins, and Tuli Kupferberg (vocals, the Fugs) also called this day their birthday…☮~Mark ♫♬’

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