These folks are celebrating a December 7th birthday

Bobby Osborne (vocals & mandolin, the Osborne Brothers), Brian Futter (guitar, Catherine Wheel), Bruce Shay (percussion, 1910 Fruitgum Company), Craig Scanlon (guitar, the Fall), Damien Rice, Dominic Howard (drums, Muse), Don Maddox (fiddle & guitar, the Maddox Brothers & Rose), Hayley Williams (vocals & keys, Paramore), Mike Nolan, Robert Downes (guitar, Then Jerico), Ron Hynes, Ronnie Sessions, Tim Butler (bass, the Psychedelic Furs), Tom Waits…The late Arthur Jenkins, Bill Pitcock IV (guitar, Dwight Twilley Band), Harry Chapin, Hoyt ‘Slim’ Bryant (vocals & guitar, Georgia Wildcats), ‘Happy’ Jack Taylor (multi-instrumentalist, the Prairie Ramblers), Jean Carignan, and Michael Connor (keys, Pure Prairie League) also called this day their birthday….☮~Mark ♫♬’

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