The birthday list

Celebrating a November 26th birthday

Adam Gaynor (guitar, Matchbox Twenty), Benjamin Wysocki (drums, the Fray), Blake Harnage, Burt Reiter (bass, Focus), Chuck Eddy (music journalist), Jean Terrell (vocals, the Supremes), Jerome Arnold (bass, Howlin’ Wolf / Paul Butterfield Blues Band), Jim Mullen, John McVie (bass, Fleetwood Mac / John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers), John Stirratt (multi-instrumentalist, the Hilltops / Uncle Tupelo / Wilco), Martin Lee (vocals, Brotherhood of Man), Matthew Taylor (vocals & bass, Motion City Soundtrack), Michael Holiday, Michael Omartian, Paul Griffith (drums, Kevin Gordan Band), Ron Jones (guitar, the Flaming Lips), Shlomo Artzi, Tina Turner, Travis Haddix…The late Bob Babbitt (bass, the Funk Brothers), Davey Graham, Jimmie Revard, and Raymond Louis Kennedy also called this day their birthday…☮~Mark ♫♬’

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