The birthday list

Celebrating a September 1st birthday

Archie Bell, Barry Gibb (vocals & guitar, Bee Gees), Boney James, Bruce Foxton (bass, the Jam / Stiff Little Fingers), Charlie Robison, Dann Hume (multi-instrumentalist, Evermore), Gloria Estefan, Grant-Lee Phillips (multi-instrumentalist, Grant Lee Buffalo), Greg Errico (drums, Sly and the Family Stone), Joseph Trohman (guitar, Fall Out Boy), Joseph Williams ( vocals & keys, Toto), Nomy Lamm, Omar Rodríguez-López (multi-instrumentalist, the Mars Volta), Richard Keith Lewis (bass, Skunk Anansie), Russ Field (guitar, Showaddywaddy), Scott Hoffman (bass, Scissor Sisters), Sean Stewart (son of Rod Stewart)…The late Boxcar Willie, Conway Twitty, Don Blackman, George Riddle (the Jones Boys fame),  and Marshall Lytle (bass, Bill Haley & his Comets) also called this day their birthday…☮~Mark ♫♬’

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