August 12th birthdays

August Darnell (vocals, Kid Creole and the Cocoanuts), Bon Harris,Jerry Speiser (drums, Men at Work), Joseph Pool (aka Wednesday 13), Jürgen Dehmel (bass, Nena), Lawrence Hayward, Mark Knopfler (vocals & guitar, Dire Straits), Pat Metheny, Paul Tucker, Ron Mael (keys, Sparks), Roy Hay (guitar & keys, Culture Club), Sharam Tayebi, Sir Mix A Lot, Tanita Tikaram …The late Buck Owens, Jay Lee Webb, Jimmy Norman, Joe Jones,Larry Troutman (percussion,  Zapp), Lou Martin (keys, Killing Floor / Rory Gallagher), Percy Mayfield, Porter Wagoner, Rex Griffin, and Sid Bernstein (producer / promoter) also called this day their birthday…☮~Mark ♫♬’

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