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Album Review: Mark Jungers : I’ll See You Again

Mark Jungers’ songs are full of finely developed characters, whose beautiful desperation shine through the authenticity of Jungers’ voice. Texan, via Minnesota, Jungers has honed his rock tinged country songs for the last 20 or so years. His latest effort, I’ll See You Again, has the sound of the mid nineties Fred Eaglesmith albums with a little Wildflowers era Tom Petty thrown in for good measure.

The album was recorded with some familiar faces to Jungers. His longtime backing band the Whistlin’ Mules which features Adrian Schoolar on guitar and dobro, Wes Green on mandolin and Josh Flowers on bass have been recording and playing with Mark for years now. The comfort Jungers feels with these guys allows him to focus on writing great lyrics that he knows will translate well to recording and stage as Whistlin’ Mules songs. In addition to his normal band, Mark enlisted the services of renown producer, and string player Gurf Morlix to add some pedal steel and baritone guitar on a few tracks as well as a few other guests to fill in the gaps of the tracks when needed.

One of my favorites from the record is “I Don’t Want to Live There”, a tale of a broken-hearted man who wants nothing to do with the home town where is former lover stays. Another shining moment of the album, is “Plywood and Strings” where the protagonist justifies pawning his dead mother’s silver to buy a cheap guitar, stating that at least he wasn’t buying smack like so many others who steal from loved ones.

In the end, I’ll See You Again emerges as yet another fine record filled with engaging stories, presented with the tightness we’ve all come to expect from Mark Jungers and the Whistlin’ Mules. Albums like this are a testament to the fact that more folks should be aware of Jungers’ work and hopefully it will find its way to new ears across the country. I’m not sure when the official release date on this one is, but make sure you keep your eye out for it by visiting Mark’s website:  www.MarkJungers.com



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