Podcast Episode 29: Gurf Morlix

This past Saturday, I had the chance to sit down with singer/ songwriter, producer, Gurf Morlix. Bob and Chip had booked Gurf to play Natalie’s Coal Fired Pizza and Live Music and he was nice enough to give me 20 minutes of his time prior to the show. I had a ton of questions for Gurf and probably could have recorded 3 podcasts with him if he had time, but as it were we got to talk about producing other people’s records, working with Warren Zevon, Blaze Foley and a few other things as well. I’d like to thank Carolyn Covalt and Bejae Fleming for the questions they sent and also Lydia Smith for the song request, Gurf played two songs on the show and one of them was She’s a River.

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Learn more about Gurf at and enjoy the show:

One comment on “Podcast Episode 29: Gurf Morlix

  1. Great interview. Gurf is very special in our world, so it’s always great to hear his insights. And thanks for starting things off with that tasty version of She’s A River. Sooooo good!

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