Book Review : Todd Snider : I Never Met a Story I Didn’t Like

If you have ever seen Todd Snider live, you are familiar with his story telling ability. Often on stage the banter between the songs is as entertaining as the songs themselves. After years of talking about it, Snider has now compiled a good number of these stories into his new book.

I Never Met a Story I Didn’t Like, is not really an autobiography, but rather a non linear collection of glimpses into Todd’s life, both in and out of the music business. The book reads in Todd’s on stage cadence and has the same comedic timing that he does during a live performance.

Some fans may think that because they have seen Todd live so many times they will not need to get this book and those people couldn’t be more wrong. Even the stories that appear in the pages of this book that I had previously heard him tell have a new life, including Todd admitting at times when he has embellished a story for the sake of the show. Classic Todd stories, from the time Garth Brooks nearly covered one of his songs, to the tales of Moondawg’s Tavern appear next to ones I’ve never heard before including Jimmy Buffett chucking fruit at Todd in anger.

The book is full of Todd’s encounters with his heroes over the last twenty years. While he has clearly taken a rightful place among them in the hierarchy of songwriters, when you read his accounts it is very obvious and endearing that he is still in awe of all of them. Making appearances in the book are the likes of Buffett, Prine, Kristofferson, Shaver and many more and Todd pulls no punches with any of them.

What allows Snider to be so honest about all of the people who appear in his tales, is his willingness to do so when looking in the mirror. Make no mistake, Todd has been no angel throughout the years and has even disappointed the aforementioned heroes, his friends, and band mates along the way. He doesn’t try to hide from these facts either, but rather he owns his own missteps in a big way, which only adds to the authenticity of this book.

I’ve Never Met a Story I Didn’t LikeĀ is not an overly heavy read, in fact I finished it in one day, and neither is it a vanity project meant to draw attention to the greatness of the author. It is basically a chance for Todd to sit down and bull shit with all of his fans across the country all at once, and when you put it down you feel as though you may have been in a couple of these situations right along side of him. I would highly recommend this one to anyone who likes to laugh and has an interest in any music not just Snider’s as well as to those of his that have been his fans for years.

If you still haven’t picked up a copy of the book yet head over to amazon via this link and purchase and help us out at the same time: I Never Met a Story I Didn’t Like: Mostly True Tall Tales




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