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Podcast Episode 8 : Jon Dee Graham

Last night I went to Columbus, Ohio to see Jon Dee Graham and Mike June play at the Woodlands Tavern. The crowd was somewhat light, but the folks who turned out were treated to a great show. Jon Dee played a too short 50 minute set of songs mixed with stage banter that quickly reminded me why he is one of my favorite songwriters working today. Highlights of the show were “Faithless”, “Holes” and the closer, “Big Sweet Life”.

Throughout the set Jon Dee seemed in great spirits and the performance was absolutely top notch. After the show Graham was nice enough to spend some time with me and record a podcast.  I will discuss Mike June’s set next week when I post the podcast I taped with him.

On Episode 8 Jon Dee and I discuss, the spirit of Rock n Roll, his first shows with the True Believers, the recording process of his solo records and much more. He also treated us with three songs, including one that has never been recorded or released to the public.

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3 comments on “Podcast Episode 8 : Jon Dee Graham

  1. I was gonna get up early on this sunny Friday morning and go for a run and maybe get into work early for some OT but then I saw this and listened, intently, through the whole magnificent thing.
    Thanks Adam, it was great to hear Jon Dee’s gravelly voice telling his story and singing his songs. It’s been too long since I’ve heard it in person (twice at shows in New Braunfels Texas and a week on a train between Winnipeg and Churchill)
    JDG gives me hope and makes me smile.
    So even though I’m probably late again I got to hear you two talk about music and heard a new song…damn this might be my lucky day!

  2. Terrific interview and great tunes. I’ve been a JDG fan for a long time and enjoyed this a lot. Thanks.

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